Saturday, January 1, 2011


We welcome 2011 with hopes of happiness, HEALTH, and lots of fun!  I got an idea while in the shower today (where I get most of my good ideas!!) cute would it be if Piper held up ONE finger, Reese held up ONE finger & Hallie ONE finger on each hand... for a 1-1-11 photo :)  Can't you picture it???  Ryan thought it would be cuter to do 2-0-11... so here was our attempt :)  {may work better if your 3 kids are a bit older}  (I was also concentrating on getting the right fingers up I had my setting wrong on my camera, grrrrr)

{Caption:  Piper, "What am I doing???"  Hallie, "Really, put a finger up!"}

{Piper, "Okay, I got this!"  Hallie, "just take the picture!!"}

{Piper: "Yipee, look at me I got this!!" (note her THREE fingers)  Hallie: "it's 2000, not 3000!"

It's all falling apart by this time.... 

Maybe individual shots are a better option!!

Happy New Year from The Ladwigs!!

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tricia said...

Happy 2011 to all of you! I definitely agree with the health part. It would make 2011 POSITIVELY better than 2010.

Jodi Lansink said...

Happy 2011!!!

The Hamann Family said...

they are all so cute!! :