Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One Little Word...TIME

Each year Ali Edwards posts the prompt for us to choose ONE word to represent the upcoming year.  This is just one word you can say to yourself or write on a note or anything to remind yourself what you want to get from the upcoming year.  I have chosen.... TIME.  I get so caught up in work deadlines and running around and such I would like to focus on TIME with my girls, TIME with my husband, TIME with my friends.... and TIME for myself.  If you would like to read more about Ali's project (she does every year) visit her blog, read more and choose your word... I would love for you to comment here what you choose.  Make it a great 2011!!

2 friends had to say...:

tricia said...

My word for 2011 is POSITIVE. It is so easy to see the negative in every situation but in 2011 I'm going to look really hard to see the positive.

Jodi Lansink said...

I would have to chose TIME also....not to steal yours, but that is exactly how I feel!!

Positive is a good one too!