Friday, December 3, 2010

Pay it forward...

Today was the day... all of our hard work and efforts were delivered.  After hours of shopping for supplies, checking each and every need off the wish list, organizing and packaging and finally loading the car... we delivered our donations to The Ronald McDonald House.  They graciously accepted each and every box.  There were extra volunteers on hand to help with everything.  We were greeted at the door with huge smiles.  For the girls the most exciting parts were the pop tabs and cookie bouquets.  Reese said her favorite part of the day was "knocking on the doors with the cookies".  {we went to each and every one of the rooms (46) and delivered cookie bouquets and Christmas cards.  If they weren't there we left them at the door.}  Hallie's favorite part was "seeing her friend".  {Amy, the Child Life coordinator from Mayo and RMH was there to take lots of pictures and help the girls}  My favorite part was over hearing a lady at the house asking about where all these things were coming from and the director summed up our story about paying it forward, bringing the guest to tears... that's what it was all about, touching lives.

Reese helped pick out groceries and supplies

Hallie helped write messages on each gift card.
Ryan helped pack the the brim!!  

Reese hauled in her poptabs.

Maggie helped her dump them all into the house :)

Hallie helped as well.

The girls passed out a cookie bouquet to each room...and to the volunteers!

This is one of the volunteers.  He collects and buys enough cookie dough through out the year for the Ronald McDonald House to always have fresh baked cookies at the front desk.  He was very proud of Reese's cookie sales :)  Such a sweet guy!

We made a stop at the hospital, too.  We gave cookie bouquets to some of Reese's favorite nurses.  Her favorite Joleen only works nights, so we just left it... but I am sure she will like it :)  Here is the front window all painted for the holidays.  This pic is for Tricia {wink}

The girls pose themselves everywhere we go :)  {I love it!!}

Our last stop of the day was to see Rachel.  This is Reese's favorite nurse at her neurologist's office.  Reese always gives her big hugs and it melts Rachel's heart :)  Reese totally made her day, and brought some tears.
Happy holidays to all!!!

4 friends had to say...:

Mindy said...

Wow wow wow! How wonderful for your whole family! One question: did you make those cookie bouquets? They are awesome!

Colleen said...

Wow, I am so impressed. Just wondering how Reese is doing? Are the treatments starting to work?

tricia said...

I'm thinking my Christmas theme isn't so secret this year. Was there a bit too much evidence when you picked up Bentley?!?! The smiles on the givers and receivers tell it all in the pictures. You truly have touched many hearts this year, Reesey!

Amy Walter said...

Wow - truly amazing!