Friday, December 3, 2010

THE List

Many people have asked how much we raised from our fundraiser... this has been a hard question to answer because we got some things at discount or product instead of cash, etc.  So here is a SIMPLE rundown of the major funding:
Scentsy:  $300
Discovery Toys: $45 (plus $450 worth of toys for $150)
Purse N Ality:  $65
Usborne Books: $40, plus $160 in free books, plus $150 in 1/2 price books and several at a "special pricing"
Raffle Ticket Sales:  $1000
Cookie Dough Sales at Tiny Treasures:  $1005

Grand Total: Almost $3000!!!

Now onto the FUN list :)  Want to see how far we made this money go???  {some of the items on the list were donations, too!  Never hurts to ask!}  We got AT least one of everything on their wish list...and lots more!!

45- Cookie Bouquets (5 cookies, 3 chocolates & a decoration in a bucket or coffee mug)
5- Large Cookie Bouquets (10 cookies, chocolates & decoration in a bucket)
{Made by Echo Cookies... discounted to fit our budget!!  THANKS!!}
20- DVDs
7- Board Games
4- Princess baby dolls
15- paintbrushes
1- pkg 750 pages computer paper
4- large floor puzzles
2- Wii games
48- cans of Play-Doh
65- children's books
2- bags of dishwasher tablets
24- packages of cookies
64- bags of snack sized chips
20- Christmas cookies
18- juice boxes
4- boxes of cereal
3- boxes of fruit snacks
10- boxes of Mac & Cheese
3- boxes of Shells & Cheese
35- granola bars
4- boxes of hot chocolate
2- packages of gourmet coffee
3- Christmas confetti cake mixes
+ 3 red and green cans of frosting
+ a shaker of fun Christmas sprinkles
3- fudge brownie mixes
3- Hamburger helper meals
8- bags of Christmas candy
(including 4 bags of REESE'S :) and 4 bags of kisses!)
1- vegetable oil
15- snack packs of cheese and crackers
4- digital thermometers
3- bottles of Elmer's glue
9- packages of Gold Fish crackers
3- boxes of Kleexex (in cute holiday boxes, of course)
3- bottles hand sanitizer
2- all purpose cleaners
2- toilet bowl cleaners
2- bottles of dish soap
2- boxes Purex 3-in-1 laundry sheets
1- large PineSol
3- large containers disinfecting wipes = 150 wipes!
2- boxes of Magic Erasers
1- box of dryer sheets
102- styrofoam cups
3- Christmas CDs
4- pkg AAA batteries
1- box Dixie cups (5oz)
1- box 150ct Assorted plastic spoons, forks & knives
1- pkg paper plates
1- package paper bowls
1- package plastic cups
6- rolls of paper towels
2- jugs of laundry soap
1- jumbo package of toilet paper= 64 regular rolls :)
5- boxes of storage bags (different sizes and styles = 200 bags)
3- boxes of garbage bags
16- Swiffer dusters
1- roll plastic wrap

500- garments from Boxercraft (sweatpants, tshirts, pjs, yoga pants, sweatshirts, jackets & shorts)

Discovery Toys!!  17 toys, including doll house sets, castle marble works and lots more!!

Gift Cards:
8- $10 Subway cards
5- $15 iTunes cards
4- $25 Outback cards
10- $20 Kum & Go cards
20- $5 Starbuck cards (for a little pick me up!)
2- $25 HyVee Cards
5- $25 Aldi's certificates
10- $20 AppleBee's cards
4- $10 AppleBee's cards

Are you ready for this???
18 GALLONS of poptabs!!

and a box of handmade cards & cash donation :)

7 friends had to say...:

Bonita said...

That is amazing Candi!!!! Gave me chills :) What a great thing and a wonderful lesson to teach your girls :)

Jess said...

18 Gallons of Pop Tabs!!!! Holy cow that's enough to fill a small pool

tricia said...

First off, Papa and I love the Christmas card. Papa's so happy you used his favorite. And the list--well there are no words to tell you how proud we are of you for first thinking of doing it, then organizing it, and then pulling the whole thing off. It is a red letter day for all of you to cherish for years to come. And Reesey, you always melt our hearts and everyone else who truly knows you and all you have been through. God Bless All of You!

Patty said...

WOW! I am amazed at all you girls have done! It is one thing to think it and another altogether to get it done! Well Done!

Jodi Lansink said...

AMAZING! I am so glad it all worked out and what a great feeling to know you are helping others, and I agree, your girls will gain so much out of this....awesome job!!!

Anonymous said...

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Amy Walter said...

That is truly amazing! I am so happy that you had such success and that you were able to get so much to give back. Wonderful!