Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just ONE, please!

All I wanted was ONE picture of all three girls looking in the same direction, preferably with a smile on their face at the same time... now I know why so many people are taking pictures of kids holding hands walking away!!  Here's what I got...
{nothing Christmas Card worthy...but I may have worked it out!!}
First pic of the day... Piper wants nothing to do with it!

Cute of two... but gotta have all 3!

Piper just cant figure out how they are doing that!!

Hallie is as frustrated as me!!


So  as you can see I didn't get what I was going for... so we will try another day :)

5 friends had to say...:

Jodi Lansink said...

Still soooooo cute!!!! My cards are on their way! I am so excited about them this year!!!!

tricia said...

I don't claim to know much about photography but I think that sometimes perfection spells, "No Life." Your girls put a smile on my face, a giggle in my heart, and a tear in my eye!

Mindy said...

I feel your pain. I do the same every year and have hundreds of photos for two or more sessions. Most of the time I have to do separate shots of each kid and put them on the card that way. I still think you got some cute shots and after a while I get sick of the whole trying thing and just pick something decent! good luck!

Amy Walter said...

Okay I know they aren't what you are going for but they are still really good pictures!

I love the one where they all have their chins resting on their hands and that Piper is trying really hard to do just as big sisters do. Sooo cute!

tricia said...

Papa is so with Amy on this one. He loves Piper's attempt to be just like her big sisters!