Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Okay, I quit already :(  {but started something new!!}  The class I was taking is wanting me to take really "artsy" pictures... which are cool and all, but when I look back at my December I want to remember the real life we were living, not a set up posed picture.  

So, I am joining the December Daily crowd and going that route... I am just going to be sure I take a picture each day.  So here are some snapshots from our month so far.
{Disney on Ice}

{Mickey came over to say hi}

{Hallie taking a picture of herself in the mirror}

Piper is NOT lovin' Santa this year! 

I caught Reese teaching Piper how to put on lipgloss!  I love sister moments like these :) 

Hallie & I went to Sheila's to scrapbook.  It was fun to have some one-on-one time with Hallie... but I think she loved the puppies and kitties more than scrapbooking that night :)  She did get 5 or 6 pages done!  They are all about her sisters!

Piper "rescued" these Mickey Mouse toys off our garage sale and hasn't stopped playing with them.  She lines them up and makes them dance and has a great time just herself!  {The other two girls NEVER played with them!} 

Reese snuggled up with the Christmas quilt and new "Jingle" puppy.  While you read the story certain  words trigger him to bark and whine and "sing".  {It works good when I read it, but even when Reese talks in her most grown up clear voice it doesn't always register} 

Packages getting wrapped :)  It is starting to feel a little more festive around  here.  With no snow it is kind of hard to get in the spirit of things, but I am trying to make the house look (and smell) as festive as possible!  {I love the new Bath and Body Works scentport things... you don't have to have a plug in!!  And of course my Scentsy!} 

Reese and I got a little alone time Sunday to go to the mall .  It is so fun to spend the one-on-one time with the girls :)  Everything is so much more relaxed and we can just enjoy the day!


6 friends had to say...:

Amy Walter said...

Love how you are capturing December so far! Your girls are always so cute and I love all of the "sister moments" too! Fun!!!!

Jodi Lansink said...

Great post!! Look at all those presents!! I need to get to buying so I can wrap some more!

tricia said...

I've never known you to be a quiter, you just changed your mind about how to share the wonders and joys of the holidays through the eyes of children. I look forward to your posts.

Carmel said...

Cute cute cute , Piper just does not like Santa
Like you hair cut Reese and Hallie

Penny Smith said...

OK, you already have more gifts under the tree than my kids get period! :)
(I KNOW your not surprised!)
Hey, if three gifts was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for my kids!
Presents they want are so EXPENSIVE anymore!

The Hamann Family said...

GREAT pics!!! My fav is Reese teaching Piper how to put on lip gloss... that is PRECIOUS!! :)