Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Train

I have always thought it would be so magical to have a train going around and around under the tree.  It was one of those only in a perfect movie type scene for me.  This is the year.  We had to take off the bottom 3rd of our tree (reducing the height by about 3 feet) so that you could see the train.  I have to admit, I love the smaller tree.  The other one was so massive, this is nice  :)

I am in love with the whole tree and train and the works!

Now for the "real deal"... we went on my 30th birthday to take a ride on the Polar Express!  It was cute, the little boy in our train car was so into it, I loved it :)  We sang Christmas carols as loud and out of tune as possible {not by choice, just by skill!!}, drank hot cocoa, saw Santa, received a bell, and got to see the "real Rudolph".  

After we ate at The Golden Corral... a birthday I won't forget :)  It's great to be me!

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tricia said...

See Candi, I'm not the only one with a Christmas theme. Yours is "trains" this year! And to think that I thought most people thought my themes were a corny idea many have asked this year what my theme is and some even have one of their own. The pure wonder and awe on the faces of your girls makes having a few less branches on your tree so worth it. Like Reesey always says, "It's Jesus' birthday and he's a very special person."

Amy Walter said...

I love the train! How fun! Sounds like your 30th was very blessed and a great day - happy you got to do something fun to celebrate!

Penny Smith said...

OK, I give up... WHERE was the polar express exactly?

And you have a train under your tree now? HOW do you have time for all of this? :)
My Dad has a train (that he has had since my childhood) that he puts up under his tree each year. I leave that magic to his house! :)

The Hamann Family said...

How fun! :) Happy belated b-day!! Sounds like a GREAT one!! :)