Sunday, December 12, 2010

A busy, busy weekend!

First things, first... I got the CUTEST camera strap in the mail from Mindy :)  I sent her the fabric and she whipped it up!  I added flowers Mindy made and bling and "bada boom"... instant Christmas spirit!

Thursday night football this week :)  COLTS VICTORY!!  {finally, it's been a rough season!}

Madness competed in the  UCA Hawkeye Competition on Saturday.  Once again, they ROCKED the floor!  They are such a great team and so excited to cheer!  This week they got 2nd out of 8 teams.  They were behind first by .20!!  So close!  Can't wait until January!!  Her next competition is in Indianapolis!!  

Sunday we played a new game from the elves... a play doh game.  These are our game pieces (a my little pony, dump truck, Mr. Potato Head, and a play doh jar).  You get to make them and travel through a toy factory with out getting squished and "recycled".  FUN :)  

Sunday afternoon was Reese's church Christmas program.  She was a sweet little angel.  I love that when she sang we could hear her voice over everyone :)  She knew every word and belted it out!!  Can't wait to get the dvd and watch it again!  So cute!!!  She was on the right side of the stage for rehearsal, but of course she came out and was on the left side so I didn't get many pictures during her program. 

Uncle Ross came for the weekend to see the girls!!  She adores him and was sooooo excited he was here.  Thanks for coming!!  ...come visit anytime you want!

Of course Grandma and Papa wouldn't miss it!! :)  They came down for the the weekend to cheer on the girls. See you guys soon! 

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tricia said...

I meant to ask you about your camera strap and kept forgetting. Early on a Saturday morning, those Madness girls can really ROCK. They are really great to watch. And Reesey, she was just the climax to a great family weekend. An angel, well of course. I know they say children bounce fast after being sick but after the week and year Reese had had, I think it was short of a miracle that she could remember and sing like that. Thanks for having us!

Amy Walter said...

Lots to comment on...

Love the camera strap - super festive!

Way to go Hallie!!! She looks so cute in her Apex Cheer uniform!

The game sounds like a lot of fun too!

Love the picture of Reese as an cute! Also - you can tell she really loves her Uncle Ross - love how they are both "cheezin it" in the picture!

Looks like the girls had fun with their grandparents.

Fun weekend!

Mindy said...

Yay! Glad you like your strap! I love the bling you added. I haven't stuck that extra fabric in the mail yet ... I forgot. Love that game .... looks like fun and your angel ... how cute! Looks like a great weekend!

Carmel said...

No Piper this week-end or did you leave her at home? Oh was she with Grandma Carmel? Looks like a gray week-end, sorry to have missed it,so thanks for sharing the pics

Carmel said...

Gray=great on the previous post

tricia said...

Rest assured Grandma Carmel, Piper was with us. She danced herself to sleep yesterday before Reese's program was over. We peek-a-bood the Disney characters so Mommy could make Reese's pretty angel dress.

The Hamann Family said...

so sweet!!! Reese the little angel! :)