Saturday, May 23, 2009

Disney Day 1- Arrival

...and we are off :)  The girls loved their new suitcases, that double as a ride!!  Fun in the airport!

Say goodbye to Iowa, Hallie!  
Of course I had to jazz them up a bit with vinyl!!
Piper's first airplane ride!  She didn't mind it at all.  Her ears were fine, and she was a happy traveler.  She sat in her seat most of the trip.
Wait a second????  Who's flying this plane?!?!?!?!  ...Captain Hallie
No worries, we arrived safely!  Follow that bus!
I love all of the tropical flowers and scenery!!
Speaking of scenery... we had a GREAT view of Epcot from our hotel (Walt Disney Dolphin)  Grandma Carmel was excited to see the Eiffel Tower!  {she felt more at home!} 
We borrowed this sit and stand stroller from Nick and Lori... what a life saver!  We loved it!!  It was perfect for our girls... Piper in front, Reese sat and Hallie stood.  (we were headed out to Rainforest Cafe for supper!!)
Ya know, you are on vacation... let go and have fun!!  Time to play in the fountains!!  This is the first of several the girls found!!
And that is Day 1 in a nutshell.

2 friends had to say...:

Carmel said...

Great re-cap of day one!

Marion said...

Looks like you all had a great time! That stroller looks so helpful.