Monday, May 25, 2009

"Disney" day 6- Universal Studios

Our breakfast this morning was at McDonalds... but it was a fun one :)  Don't you love the lights on the table??  And this Panda Express made me think of Kim, her favorite restaurant!!
Dr. Seuss land was super fun!  There was a water area, rides, and shows!  This was how we spent our morning.
I love the writing on all of the garbage cans...
In the afternoon we headed over to the Marvil area... and the "big kid" rides.  Ryan and I rode the Hulk... always fun!!
Where's Waldo... ummm, I mean "Carmel" :)  Making "reservations" at Hard Rock.  (by the way, no reservations... first come, first serve)
Of course, we ended our night soaking wet from yet, another FUN fountain!!

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