Saturday, May 23, 2009

Disney Day 2-- Magic Kingdom

On the first day of parks we decided to go to Magic Kingdom... because this is what kids think of when they think "Mickey's House".  As you read these posts keep in mind we also saw SEVERAL characters each day {and got lots of autographs}... but I am going to do a character post at the end :)
We love watching the parades!  Disney parades are AMAZING!!!  Hallie was very busy taking her own pictures :)
Piper was all grins for Cinderella!  She smiled and smiled and smiled!
Little Reesey was always so serious waiting in line for her autographs!
Storytime with Belle :)
Time for some fun...
Our trip to the 100 acre wood...
Cinderella's castle is MAGICAL at night!  So beautiful, the perfect setting for Tinkerbell & Jiminy Cricket's fireworks!!

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Amy said...

Looks like you all had an amazing vacation! Sure makes we want to jump on a plane right now to go to Disney.