Monday, May 25, 2009

"Disney" day 5- Sea World

Day 5 we rented a van a stepped out of the "Disney bubble" :)  It is about a 15 min drive to Sea World.  This was like a little heaven for our animal lover, Hallie!
First, petting the stingrays.  I believe she could have spent all day doing this.  (infact, we stopped by here again at the end of the day)
Next, petting & feeding the dolphins!!  This was up close and personal, a neat experience.

We loved the "Shamu show"... however, we only got to see the first 15 mins or so of it when it started raining & lightning.  :(  
We ended the day back in Downtown Disney at a new restaurant, T-Rex (from the makers of Rainforest Cafe)  This place is amazing... we had a great time!!

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Ashleigh Dillin said...

The Sea World pictures are AWESOME...I cant wait to see your scrap pages of this fun trip!