Monday, March 12, 2007

50 Things About Me...

Here it goes... I was "challenged" by a friend to post this. I find myself writing a lot about my family-- so here is a little about me. I challenge you to take the time to think of yourself & share 25, 50, 100 (however many you have time for) things & post on your blog, myspace, or e-mail. I'd love to read them!

50 Things About Candi:

1- My full name is Candace Michelle (Harrell) Ladwig
2- My first name is after my mom... Carmel & Candi-- hehe
3- My middle name is after my dad's poodle-- thanks guys! :)
4- I was born in Cedar Falls, Iowa
5- I married a wonderful guy, Ryan Ladwig.
6- Our Ann'y is May 10th (2003)
7- Our first daughter was born March 3, 2004.
8- We named her Hallie Nicole-- after Halle Berry- Ryan thinks she's hot
9- Our second daughter was born August 22, 2006.
10- We named her Reese Madyson-- I like Reese Witherspoon
11- We have a dog-- Yellow Lab-- Bentley
12- I like small dogs. (note #11)-- he is growing on me...
13- My all-time favorite movie is Sweet November.
14- I LOVE Oprah!!!
15- I got to go to a taping of Oprah this past February.
16- I like reality tv shows.
17- I wish I was best friends with Jessica Simpson :)
18- I would have to say my all-time favorite reality tv show was the Newly Weds.
19- My favorite "drama" was Joan of Arcadia-- and it was cancelled-- that is why I watch
reality, there is always an end... you aren't left "hanging"
20- My favorite color is pink!!!!
21- I am scared of the dark.
22- One of my favorite smells are Reesey's "stinky feet"??? don't know why?
22- Another is the smell of babies right after their bath.
23- I collect Beauty & The Beast figurines.
24- My favorite flower is the daisy.
25- I love Cadbury Mini Eggs!
26- I HATE Cadbury Eggs-- the gooey kind.
27- I love the buttered popcorn jelly beans.
28- I hate brussle sprouts.
29- I like to watch Disney/Nick Jr shows-- even without the kids!
30- I scrapbook & love it.
31- I like doing crafty projects.
32- I don't like big projects-- if it takes more than a couple days it won't ever get done!
33- I love camping- however, I never get to go.
34- I have never been on a cruise-- someday. (I would really like to go on a Disney one!)
35- I have 3 sisters-- Becky, Jessie & Agatha.
36- I love Christmas!!!!!!
37- I love Christmas!!!!!!-- I love it so much it deserves 2!!
38- I love decorating sugar cookies!
39- I get ADHD doing the cut out, roll out, cut out, roll out part.
40- One of my favorite things to do is snuggle my girls with "the purple blanket" -- my quilt from Grandma Carol.
41- I regret not getting Grandma Mildred's homemade cookin' recipes (especially her pie crust!)
42- I am so thankful for all I learned from my grandmas (and Ryan's grandmas)
43- I wish I could go to prom again-- I love dressing up!
44- I love to go to the arobic classes at the Y.-- I wish Hallie would stay in daycare so I could.
45- I have a tender head!!- I hate getting haircuts or anyone touching my head!
46- I love pedicures!
47- I hate going to museums.-- so random I know, but it popped in my head
48- I can't live without mascara & lipgloss
49- I have a few great friends I love like sisters (one like a sister-in-law!!)
50- I love my family more than anything! My husband and daughters treat me like the Queen. I talk to my mom everyday like a best friend. My sisters are the BEST!! I am a daddy's girl at heart! My "in-laws" are so helpful, they are there anytime we need anything! I am so blessed! I am sending you all a big hug :)

Okay, so now you have it. Did you learn anything? I have so many more in my head, I would totally go to 100-- but I have to get some things done before bed-- and it is already 11:03pm! One more thing.. I wish I was a good singer, and I wish I could play piano! I want to be on a game show someday.- I love Wheel of Fortune and Price is Right. I like fishing and going to the zoo. I love the weather right now-- high like 75. Okay, enough. Thanks for reading... Candi

2 friends had to say...:

Kim Garner said...

Love this post! I also love cadbury mini eggs and buttered popcorn jelly bellys! I wil have to do this on my blog soon...
P.S. You need to take my Reminisce album class @ Scrapganza: 100 things I love...and 100 things that bug me!
You could fill it with all of these things and more!

Jodi said...

You completed your challange! HEHE Very fun! I love to read them I am glad you did it! I loved the paragraph "after" the 50 things where you had to just had a few more!!! HEHE