Sunday, March 4, 2007

Watch out Broadway...

Here she comes!! Hallie started her first day of Tap Dancing on Saturday. It was so fun to watch. The girls are too cute! Below they are using the dance bar... (she is obviously the one with the curly red hair!!)

Here is the "Train"... she is the one up front. She LOVED her class (but of course I ended up staying in the room, we are taking baby steps.. maybe next week will be smoother!)

I think it is time to find a dance studio in the area, this class is only 6 weeks long... and she is so excited about it! I must admit she is still asking about playing football and soccer-- that isn't until she is 4, maybe her mind will change by then :) For now she is Mommy's Little Girl!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I am Gina Schau, from Ida Grove, I was searching google to see if any of the kids post pictures for after prom yet and found your blog. You do a really nice job!!