Monday, March 5, 2007

A "Dog-gone" Good Time

This weekend, March 3rd, Hallie turned 3!! We decided not to have a big party this year. Instead, she wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese. So Ryan's family (and Aunt Jess, wouldn't be a party without her!!) came down for supper. She had a great time!

Who let the dogs out?... Who, who, who (sorry, I couldn't resist!) Here is Hallie with her Ladwig cousins.

Even baby sister, Reese, joined the doggy fun!

One of Hallie's Favorite things at Chuck E Cheese is this bus! Today she talked Jessie & grandma Tricia into taking a ride! :)

Here is Hallie & her buddy--

3 friends had to say...:

Agatha June said...

Happy Birthday to the prettiest Lil' Red Head this side of the Mississippi-wish I could of been there on Sat!!!

Kim Garner said...

Happy Birthday Halle! I love seeing all of the fun that you had for your birthday! Chuch E. Cheese is the best! Darling girl, darling cake, it all looked like a great time

The Lansinks said...

Looks like it was a great birthday! Love the "Who lets the dogs out (whoot whoot)! :-)