Sunday, March 25, 2007

Where has the week gone???

Hello everyone. I have received several e-mails checking on my blog (no Jenni, my camera battery wasn't dead!! hehe)... so sorry I have been slacking off... and here is what we have been doing... Enjoy!!
First, I just had to show you all how big Bentley is getting!! He is HUGE!!! I sure miss the little puppy!! But now at least I don't have to worry about Hallie "roughing him up"!

So here is a peek into my life... dinner at our house... Ryan is working, Reese has fallen asleep while eating, and Hallie is a puppy finishing her dinner. And you wonder why I don't have time to blog???
Splish Splash
It has been very rainy here, so of course they had to "sport" the cute new rain gear!

On Tuesday Grandma Carmel came to town to work on her new condo. We did a lot of cleaning and painting all week!!! Even little Hallie pitched in to help...

...But of course we had time for a little shopping. Are we hot or what???

Welcome to the Family
Meet our newest Family member.... FUZZY! This is Hallie's new fuzzy caterpiller. She LOVES IT!! He literally goes everwhere we go! The jar doesn't leave her side! We never thought he would be with us this long... we cross our fingers every morning when we wake up that he wakes up too! And we have had a few close calls! He keeps hanging in there! (Yes, this is Sunday... so we have offically had him for 6 days!!) He will be a butterfly before we know it! (or a big ugly moth!)

On Friday Jessie came up to visit & we went out to eat at "The Fire Place" as Hallie calls it. (Osaka Japanese Steakhouse) Lots of fun... & very yummy!

On Saturday was Hallie's weekly Tap class. Here are two pictures of her...

I have a CUTE video of dance class I will post next. Hope you all had fun checking out our week. I will try to do better posting daily again. Have a great week!

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