Saturday, March 10, 2007

What a Week!!!

So sorry it has taken me FOREVER to get this blog updated.... we have had a little cross-Iowa roadtrip. I have compiled the pictures from all of our little adventures. I have to appologize to anyone with dial-up.... I have a lot of pictures! To the rest of you.. Enjoy :)

First, we went to Des Moines for the Iowa Girl's State Basketball Tournament. BCIG (Battle Creek-Ida Grove) made it again and we thought it would be fun for Hallie to go to her first basketball game! She had a lot of fun! Ryan's family (Ron & Tricia and Ross & Christi) all met up for the big game! They played PCM... and won by 40 points! Very exciting and fun had by all!

Our roadtrip continued West on Tuesday as Hallie, Reese, Grandma Carmel and I headed to Anthon to visit "The Greats" (Ryan had to go home to work)
Hallie got a cute book set for her birthday.-- Thanks Grandma Great!! Hallie also ate all of Grandpa Great's jellybeans-- thanks Grandpa Great! We helped them get their new computer all set up and running and they are back at it! They will be getting high speed soon!! Pretty good since Grandpa reminded us he will be 80!!


On Wednesday we headed back to Grandma Carmel's house in Urbandale. She is getting ready to move... so Hallie had a blast with the boxes. Here she is in her "DogHouse"....

Roadtripping to Illinois.... pitstop for shopping... OF COURSE we had to stop off in Williamsburg for a little shopping spree :) Here is Reese in a big girl rental stroller for the first time. -- and "Hotties" Hallie & Grandma trying on some new shades..... LOOKING GOOD!

We made it home! On Friday I headed BACK west to Iowa City to get a new Scrapping "tool"... the Quickutz Silhouette.... I am so excited about it! I will let you all know when I make something to share-- I won't actually have the machine for 2-4 weeks. :( I am a big girl... I can wait (I have to keep telling myself that!) -- I also got to eat lunch with Jessie while I was in town-- a little bonus for my hour trip up just to order a stinkin' machine ;)
Then... for Hallie's birthday Grandma Carmel treated our family to the Doodlebops concert! It was a lot of fun! For those of you who don't know who they are... they are a Disney Channel tv show about 2 brothers and a sister who travel around doing rock concerts-- learning lessons along the way. Very fun!
Here is Moe, DeeDee, & Rooney
Hallie & I Pre-show-- always looking for the best scrapbook photo moment! Below... Me, Hallie & Grandma Carmel.

Here is Daddy (Ryan) & Reese... even Reese had a blast. She was watching and "jumping" onour laps-- her arms swinging all over!
So that is it.... now do I get a break for abandoning my blog a few days?? Did I justify that I actually was busy??? I will stay on top of things now... Love to you all! The Ladwigs

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Midnight Show x0 said...

Hi there!

I have a question for you about the Doodlebops show you attended. Please e-mail me here:

Thank you! :)

-- Stephanie*

Keri said...

Your mom is moving where and when?

Jodi said...

WOW!!!! You had a busy week! I was getting worried I hadn't heard from you or gotten an e-mail from you in a few days....but then I heard you were busy! I guess you are forgiven for not updating your blog all week!