Sunday, October 7, 2007

Homecoming & Pumpkin Patch

We had a really fun weekend going back to Ida Grove for Josie's wedding (another post!) We went a day early so we could help cheer on the Falcons for Homecoming. The parade was fun! You know, we love parades. We went with Ron and Tricia (aka Papa and Grandma) and met Ryan's grandparents (aka the "new" papa and grandma) and Jodi, Ellie, Malia, Jamie, and Blake (my friends and their kids). Hallie and Ellie loved getting lots of tootsie rolls!!

Friday night was the big game. It was lots of fun cheering along with the crowd. Hallie really got into it! "Go big black!!" However, shortly after the halftime performance of the band I found her asleep on Grandma's lap! Guess she was cheering too hard!

Saturday morning we went to Sheila's for breakfast. (for those of you who don't know... this is a local restaurant that has the best cinnamon rolls and hash browns with cheese!! not to mention we can feed our whole family for like $15!!-- and that is ordering drinks and extra sides and the whole works!) Then we played at the purple park before Ryan and I headed off to the wedding.

Sunday morning we had Ladwig family pictures. Shortly after we packed up and headed back home. We stopped in Jefferson at Ryan's favorite pizza place-- Pizza Ranch (where he gets chicken and fake mash potatoes-- I am afraid I will never figure out what they see in this place) :) Then the Ladwig families stopped at Deal's Apple Orchard/pumpkin patch for a hayride and to pick out a pumpkin. (this is a tradition of Ryan's "Grammie")

And now... we are back home watching some Sunday Night Football and trying to recover from all of our adventures!!

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tricia said...

We were so glad you could join us for the Homecoming festivities. The whole weekend was great--right down to "Fuzzy" at the family pics. Can't wait for your return in two weekds!!!