Thursday, November 1, 2007

Celebrating with the Garners

Tuesday was Trick or Treating on the Iowa side. The Garners invited us over to trick or treat with them and have dinner after with their neighbors. Their neighborhood really gets into it! It was a beautiful night out, so most of the neighbors were sitting in the driveways waiting. There were TONS of kids! Garner Farms is the best neighborhood!! (funny huh??? Craig and Kim Garner live in a neighborhood named Garner Farms... heck, they even live on Garner Drive!!!... hehehe, makes me laugh everytime! I want to live in Ladwig Farms on Ladwig Drive!!) But seriously, the neighbors are so nice there and everyone is just.... so neighborly!Here is Hallie and Ella handing out candy... this job had to get passed on quickly, since they were SCOOPING hand fulls into the trick or treaters' bags!! They thought it was great!

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The Lansinks said...

How fun to spend Halloween with friends! I saw dinner on Kim's BLog...the goulash and bones, and all the festive decorations---you guys go all out---SO FUN!!!! Another successful Halloween!!!