Monday, November 26, 2007

The stars at night, are big and bright...

{clap, clap, clap}... Deep in the heart of Texas!!!

Okay, sorry for the delay getting this post up. Yesterday was a day of recovery! It is a lot of work taking two girls on an airplane ride by yourself! ... especially with delays that leave you in the Austin airport for 5 hours!! But that is all besides the point...

We had a fabulous trip! In fact, it took me a day to decide which of the 276 pictures I was going to post! That's right, I took 276 pictures in the 4.5 days we were there!

We arrived Tuesday night late... so just went to bed. Wednesday we woke up early, greeted by the sun, and decided to so swimming! There was a beautiful stone pool and hot tub. In the afternoon we went to the Vineyard to help Agatha decorate for the reception. For supper Teresa and Emily asked us out... not knowing what adventure they were in for!

Thanksgiving Day woke us up with a chill! IT WAS 40's!!!! As Jessie said, "This is not the Texas weather I was promised!" We watched the big Macy's Day parade and helped get everything ready. Patty hosted the big dinner. It was very yummy and fun meeting all of Agatha and Jeremy's family and friends. Later that night Jessie, Becky, and I were looking at ads. Again, Jessie had a quote that made us laugh to tears..... "These are not sales... they are meerly reasonable prices!"

Friday was the big day! (and still 40 degrees!!!) It was FREEZING in our sleeveless dresses!! But none the less the wedding was perfect! Agatha was beautiful, Hallie and Levi did great jobs and we all had a FUN day and night.

Before I start the pictures I just want to highlight a few good times in Texas....

*Hallie and Levi found 5 lizards while we were there... and Becky and Jessie were able to catch one in a jar for them.
*A dog came to visit with his ball everyday (helped Hallie not miss Bentley so much)
*Jeremy's hidden talent is balloon animals!! (and the kids loved it!)
*Speaking of talent... Agatha and Jeremy have really talented friends! They had about 10 friends perform at the reception... they were sooooo good!
*We saw some deer in town by the gas station-- I'm still new at my camera!
*Hallie took about 25 pictures of Christmas decorations at the Chicago airport... definitely ready for the holidays!

**The first song you are listening to is Agatha & Jeremy's, and the second is the song Hallie & Levi were singing on the trip**

Okay, that is a lot of typing... on with the pictures!!

Stay tuned for videos...

4 friends had to say...:

The Ladwigs said...

Looks beautiful!!!! Sounds like everything was really fun except for the airport......that's a bummer.

The Lansinks said...

I'm glad you had a good time...and props to you with 2 kids on your own.....not sure I could do that! :) Don't ya just love weddings?!?

Sara said...

Looks like you had a great time! Too bad it was cooler than hoped., but it doesn't look like it slowed anything down too much!

Kim said...

Love all the looks like it was a beautiful wedding...loved Hallie's wings....perfect touch to her dress