Friday, November 2, 2007

Trick or Wiggles????

Yes, can you believe it??? Someone was passing out FREE tickets to the Wiggles on trick or treat night. Penny's kids got them and weren't going to use them, so asked us if we wanted them!! SURE!! So, I went and picked them up... not really knowing what we were getting ourselves into (thinking these tickets were going to be in the nosebleed section) we went down to the I-Wireless Center Box Office to get our tickets. She asked, Where do you want to sit?? I asked what my choices were... "well, we have four in the front row right here... or four in the 4th row right here, if you want floor seats!!" SCORE!! Front row!! So we snatched them up. As we went to eat lunch I thought of our neighbors, the Wagners. So I called and invited them. Hallie & Reese got to dance right up front by the stage! All the excitement wore Reese out :) Thanks Penny!!

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How fun! We were watching the wiggles on tv yesterday morning and I told the kids that Hallie and Reese went to see them. They thought that was neat and talked about that for the rest of the day.