Thursday, November 1, 2007

First Annual Ladwig Halloween Party

Monday morning we had our "First Annual Halloween Party" :) We invited the neighborhood girls and Miss Ella to come over (with the moms of course) for a "spooky lunch, craft, games and goodies. This was also a great time for the girls to see each other in their costumes. Thanks for coming girls!
This picture isn't fabulous, but heck... they are all in it!!From Left: Hallie- Belle, Jess- Tinkerbell, Elli- Cinderella, Lia- Nemo, Ella- was Tinkerbell, changed to one of Hallies--now Sleeping Beauty, and Reese- witch
Here is Miss Reese "flying" on her broom...
... and that was Monday.

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The Lansinks said...

HOW FUN!!!! I want details to what you did....maybe I will have to do something liek that next year...WHAT A GOOD IDEA!!!!! You always think of the best ideas....what a good mom!!!!!!! They will say one day... "you're gonna love it there!!!!)