Sunday, December 2, 2007

Creative Playground

Yipee! Donna Downey asked to feature me... that's right, ME!!! In her Creative Playground newsletter! Can you tell I am excited?? I know you "non-scrappers" are thinking I am a bit crazy, but as my scrapping friends can attest.... this is a way cool thing! {sorry for all that tooting of my horn there} Just wanted to share with all of you in my excitement!!

Click here for Donna Downey's Creative Playground December 2007 Newsletter. Just scroll down a bit to the Trash to Treasure section. {of course the whole newsletter is good and has lots of fun links!} Also, be sure to click the link to see the rest of my projects (a little mini holiday book and more pictures of the grocery store book)

Off to create something else!

1 friends had to say...:

The Lansinks said...

Congrats---Congrats!!!!! I know you work so hard and are SOOOO GOOD at what you do (I can't say that enough!)----looks like your hard work is starting to payoff!!!!!

Can I say I have a celebrity for a friend yet!?!?! I am waiting!!!!!! :)