Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas to All

We had a great Christmas! (after the Eve was over, of course) The girls woke up about 5:30 am and were ready to go for the day!

We tiptoed downstairs to see what Santa had brought... Hallie ran as fast as she could and grabbed "Elfie" the little elf that had been living with us this holiday season (reporting back to Santa each night) She hugged him and loved him like she had never seen him before. Later it all clicked... I asked her if she had a good morning and she said "Yes, my Elfie stayed." I had told her that he had to go back to Santa that night, but Santa must have seen how sad she was... we are so lucky he gets to stay a little longer.

Then Hallie went back and grabbed her scooter, did a couple laps around the couch and returned to ride her pony. About 10 mins later she noticed her stockings were full! :) Fun morning!! Here are some fun pics from the morning.
Hallie was so excited to get her new pony
and Reese wasn't quite sure about it.
Scooter Rides
What's inside the box??

Who needs toys... when you've got a box???
Merry Christmas!! 2007

3 friends had to say...:

Amy said...

That pony is really cute! I'm sure both girls will have a lot of fun with it! Looks like you had a nice Christmas morning!

The Lansinks said...

Love the pics of the girls!!!

I am sure you are having withdrawls now that Christmas is over....I know how much you love it!!!!!!!

Sara said...

5 am? Wow! That is pretty early! It is fun to see thier excitement!