Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A week in review...

Wow, a whole week... sorry! I can't believe it has been a week since I posted last! We have been doing some serious holiday fun!! I will try and keep it short...

I last left you iced in... we have since thawed out and haven't slowed down since. On Wednesday was the annual Scrapaganza Christmas party. Here is the ornament I made for the exchange.
It was a pretty quick little get together. Eat.Play.Leave.

Thursday I taught at Scrapaganza... but not before making the BEST dinner... My Dad's Famous "Cowboy" and biscuits. I LOVE IT!!! {basically a sweet chili type dish}
Friday, the girls finished their Christmas Lists {after looking through magazines}
(It was just too cute, had to get a picture!)
Grandma Carmel flew in for the weekend & took us out to dinner to the "Fire Place" {Japanese Steakhouse}

Reese loves the Edemame (soy beans)!!
Then of course we were off to show Grandma the "Blow up house"!!!
Saturday was PACKED full! (and of course we needed another blizzard to top it off!) We got about 6 inches of snow Saturday.
The day started off like any other Saturday.... SOCCER! (vs. the Orange team this week)
I met some friends (Kim and Lynn) for lunch and a trip to a favorite local store. Then we met out at Lynn's for a bit of a holiday get together. Thanks so much Lynn, it was lots of fun!
Saturday evening my neighbor Paula had a Ladies Get Together/Cookie Exchange. She had games and everything. Very fun and festive and yummy! (it was like a shower... only no babies or brides!!) Why didn't I think of that?? Jodi, this was totally up your alley... we'll have to have one!! Thanks Paula!!
Sunday Jessie came to visit!! It is always fun when Jess comes! First things first, we had to check out all the new snow we had gotten!
This is the proud owner of a blow up! Hallie has had one Christmas wish this year... a blow up. She even said "Let's just set it up and when daddy comes home we'll just say, Wow a blow up in our yard, I don't know how that got there!" Well, I caved... we decided not to do lights this year, so Hallie picked out a blow up. Seriously, talk about one proud owner!! And we are the house that leaves it blown up around the clock. You will never drive by and see a pile of stuff in our yard... Hallie wouldn't have that!!

Okay, one more funny story... Hallie has also been playing "blow up" She lays on the floor and make a blowing sound and slowly stands up and at the last second sticks her arms straight out. SO FUNNY! I will have to video it later!!

It was a bit too cold for Grandma and Reese, so they went in after about 2 mins. and watched from the window.
So that was our week. I will post about this week next... I will try and stay more current!! We have a lot of activities going on!! Only 7 more days until Christmas!!

5 friends had to say...:

Kim said...

Too much fun! I cannot wait to see the blow up video....

tricia said...

You are sooo creative and find such neat things to do that I don't have to worry about you being "lonely" in the Quad Cities! Hallie's "blow up" is the cutest one I've ever seen. Can't wait to see you!!

Kim said...

can I have your cowboy chili recipe? you have talked about it often, but didn't know if it was a family secret..please share!

Amy said...

Wow - where to start? Love the blow up and how cute that Hallie is the one that really wanted it! Love the story of her pretending to be a blow up -- looks like you have been def. celebrating the "Spirit of Christmas" this year. I love hearing about all the fun stuff you have done. That chili looked really yummy too!

The Hamann's said...

Hallie is so funny!!! I would love to see a video of her being the "BLOW UP" Hallie!!! How fun! She is too cute! Reese too!!! :)