Saturday, September 20, 2008

Super Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hallie really, really, really wanted to be Super Girl for Halloween this year!! {Thanks to Levi for a recent superhero push!!} I tried and tried to talk her out of it... for two reasons:

1- When it is cold on Halloween and I make her put a coat OVER her supergirl costume... well, I can see the breakdown already! It is better to just plan ahead and have a warm costume... Hello, we live in Iowa!!

2- Let's face it... wouldn't a witch or something be an easier {and more fun} subject to scrapbook??

But.... Hallie wouldn't have it! She IS GOING TO BE SUPER GIRL! I went and got the costume (to be sure it didn't get sold out in the meantime!) She loves it! I have to admit, she looks pretty cute... and I know I can come up with something to scrapbook that will be adorable... let's just hope for warm weather and it's a go! {let's also hope she doesn't wear out the costume before Halloween comes!!-- she's pretty excited!}

(Don't mind the Doritos on her face! Oops, didn't catch that before the pics)

7 friends had to say...:

Inirus said...

Gramma says that you look pretty darn cute as SUPER GIRL!!!!

jess said...

Ok. She totally tried to tell me about this on the phone but i didn't quite understand. She does look cute! What is Reese going to be?

Jodi Lansink said...

She makes a perfect Super Girl! I totally agree about the costumes and weather----you always have to consider what the costume would look like with layers of clothes UNDER it and a coat! I got my girls costumes already too---otherwise they start to get picked over! What is Reese going to be?!

Tina said...

oh but she looks so cute!! she makes a great super girl :)

Hamann Family Blog said...

She is a pretty cute SUPER GIRL!!! :) She will have to trick-or-treat with Parker and Owen... they are going to be Batman and Robin!! :) hehe~

Amy said...

What a cute costume - hopefully it's warm!

Becky said...

1. You put warm things UNDER the costume, yeah it adds a little chunk, but who cares.

2. Think of this as a challenge to your scrap booking skills - you'll be able to do a great scrap book and now you're forced to think outside the box.

3. You've kind of gone scrap booking crazy and need to set limits - for example, scrap booking can't dictate what your daughter wants to be for Halloween.

4. She Makes a Fantastic Super Girl with her Red Hair.

5. Levi and I miss seeing you guys all the time.

And that is my 5 cents.