Thursday, September 18, 2008

What a week!!! (with not a lot of pictures)

Gosh, I can't believe it has been a week since my last post!!! We are back in full swing of activities (and finishing work on the house)!! Time is FLYING!

So this week we added to our chaos "Faith Alive". It is the Wednesday night youth program at our church. Both Hallie and Reese had class and loved it. {Reese is growing up so fast!!!}

Sometimes I just feel like I am constantly dropping Hallie off places and saying "Have fun, see you soon!" I know three times a week is school, once for gymnastics, once for cheerleading, and once for church. I ask her all the time if she is having fun and if she wants to keep going... the answer is always yes, she loves it... I guess it is all part of growing up????

So in addition to all of our weekly activities, we took a little overnight trip to see Ryan's parents, went to Nick and Lori's for a yummy supper, got some vinyl decorations on the wall {more to come, and I will post pics when it is all up}, got all of the upstairs painted... except our bedroom and bathroom-- which is tomorrow's plans, had a dr appt... {baby is doing great}, went to a birthday party for a neighbor girl and hmmmmm OH... Hallie had her first eye dr appt!!! They said she may be a bit farsighted, but no need for glasses or anything, bring her back next year :)

Okay, that should be it's own post, it was so dang cute! She watched Ryan and learned from the pro :) She felt so grown up getting to sit in the chairs and look through the different contraptions. Here are the two funny quotes from the trip I never want to forget...

Dr: Can you read this line?
(I'm thinking, no way is she going to know all 8 of those letters)
Hallie: (As sure and quick as can be announces) A U K I N M P
... they were completely random...she didn't even hesitate to look at the screen... she had seen Ryan ramble off letters, so she did the same!! :)
At this point the dr took things a little slower, and just showed her one letter at a time! Every letter she knew she would say "Z... for zebra" or "F... for fish" It was too cute!

Second story...
I asked her when we were all done if she had fun at the eye dr. She said. "Yes, and I can see SO much better now!!" :)
**So you are all thinking, where's the picture??? I know, i know... I whipped out my camera so excited to take pictures for the blog... and... NO MEMORY CARD!!! I had left it in the computer!! GRRRRRRR! Sorry :(
We don't really have any big plans for the weekend... try and finish up working around here and football on Sunday :) I will try and take more pictures! {sorry i've been slacking!} Have a good weekend, everyone!!

5 friends had to say...:

Jodi Lansink said...

That's right---slacker! Just Kidding!!! We all know you are busy--at least you touch base with us and let us know what is going on!! We'll be waiting for a picture OVERLOAD soon!

They hit school age---and it is instantly busy! I can't believe Reese is involved as much too---only being 2! Guess we just don't have as many options in a small town?!

Have a good weekend!

Penny Smith said...

Ya get this fancy new camera, and no pictures... ya have two new cameras-you could remember ONE of them?? :)

I was wondering where you have been...

We are moving the big stuff TOMORROW!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Sara said...

Love the stories from the eye dr. Super cute!

Angela said...

It's really too bad you didn't get pics at the eye doctor...those quotes are great!

Thanks for the blog comment...the last part made me laugh...2 spots would be best!

Inirus said...

Very cute stories. Treasure your children now, as they grow up FAST!! Love Ya Grandma Carmel