Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In other news...

Hallie made a fun Valentine's Day box, and I got to help out in her room make toothpaste :)

Hallie was playing beauty shop :)

Speaking of hair... Piper has little piggies in the back!

We supported our Colts to the end :( Can't wait for fall to come!!

Hallie did a Urbandale High School cheer clinic. Even learned some wrestling cheers.

And my girls love to Skype!! They tell lots of stories and get excited everytime we say, "why don't you go call Grandma" :) It is fun that they can see their grandparents so far away with a click of a button! {now we need to get my dad and mom on!!}

Now back to work!

6 friends had to say...:

Josie said...

Love the superbowl shirts!! Too bad the Colts lost:(

Jodi Lansink said...

Great Super bowl pics---all the shirts are adorable!

We need to skype with my mom! How fun!

Love all the pictures---and the piggies----ADORABLE!!!

Great post!

Amy Walter said...

Love Hallie's Valentine's box! The beauty shop picture of her is super cute too - hilarious!

Piper's piggies are adorable and I must say I think she is looking more and more like Mommy all the time!

Love the pix of you all decked out in your Colts gear for the superbowl.

Hallie looks pretty cute cheerleading! And I like the shirts!

That's cute that they use skype - I would love to do that with my parents but that would require my Mom to learn something about computers! :-)

tricia said...

What can I say? I was hoping at least one of my grandchildren would enjoy doing hair! I'll have to dig out some old beauty shop pictures to share with her. I still have my "Tricia's Tresses" sign. Valentine box is so creative! Love that Hallie and Kiera got to use their imaginations! I enjoyed my two trips to watch Frenzy and I'm thrilled that they finally got their FIRST place trophy!! Piper's piggies couldn't be any cuter!

Penny Smith said...
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The Hamann Family said...

LOVE Hallie's V-day box... she is so creative... like her Mommy! :)
Hard to believe little Piper can wear piggy's... she is getting so big! Hallie's cheer clinic looked like she had lots of fun! Love the Superbowl family pic!! :) Lots to comment on!! :) Great post!