Saturday, May 12, 2007

Disney Day One

Hello everyone... I have so many pictures & videos I just can't pick a few!! So I decided to make different blogs for each day. So, here is Day One (Sunday)...

We flew out of the Quad Cities headed for Orange County, CA. (That's right, Jess, the OC!!)

Once we checked into the hotel we had to wait for our room to be cleaned, so what else can we do but.... SHOP! We did a little shopping in the Downtown Disney (yes, still in our pjs!!)
As soon as we got our suitcases we were off to the pool! Hallie was very adventurous (I will post her videos in a bit) and Reese just fell asleep! :)

To kick things off right we decided to eat at Goofy's Kitchen for supper. We met Goofy and all his friends. Both girls had a blast. Hallie was smiling the whole night!!

Hallie & Pluto
Reese & Princess Jasmine
It's Minnie!
We got to meet Belle-- don't know who was most excited?? Mommy???
Cookin' with Goofy!
Grandma Carmel & Goofy
This picture was for Levi!! The Darth Vader made with Legos.
Mommy & Girls with the lego guy :)
Next blog... the videos and be sure to stay tuned for Day Two's installment!!

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