Sunday, May 20, 2007

Last days of our vacation!!

Okay, so I am getting to the last few days of the vacation. I am getting very tired of posting vacation pics-- so I am posting the last of them kind of crunched in. Enjoy...

Here is a slide show of the last day at disney-

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Now a little show of Universal.-- as you can see the characters are a little more grown up, but Hallie was still very excited to see them. However, she could have spent all day petting the dogs from the animal show! (the little one's name is Bentley) We got the "Front of the Line Pass" so it entitled us to a backstage pass to the animal show! (obviously many other things, but this was great for Hallie)

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Here was my "surprise" Ryan and Hallie did. They posed because they thought it would make a great page for my scrapbook :) Thanks guys, can't wait to scrap it. I thought it was soooo cute! (PS-- if you don't catch the beginning, it starts with C!)

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Thank you all for viewing my vacation on the blog! Now we will be back to everyday posts!!

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The Lansinks said...

What a great surprise!!! That will looks great in the scrapbook! Very creative!