Friday, May 25, 2007

On the Go

We have been on the go this week. Monday was our "clean the house day" to get ready for our new friends (Kim and her girls) to come over! Hallie even suggested we make them cupcakes (imagine that!!)

Tuesday, Kim came over with her two girls, Sydnee and Ella. The girls had a lot of fun playing. Kim and I didn't get much scrapbooking done!!-- but we decided to do the Rusty Pickle Amazing Race Contest (a scrapbook thing) So the mission is set-- now I am working hard to get it done!! (it is due June 1st)

On Wednesday, I had to venture over to Scrapaganza to get some Rusty Pickle stuff! We stopped off at the Garner's (Kim's) got the girls and off we went! We stopped at McDonalds afterwards to get lunch and played for the afternoon at Kim's. Here are the kids.

(Reese & Sydnee) (Hallie & Ella)

(Christian joined the fun after school)

(candi, kim, & reese)
On Thursday, we had our great find! Just a little park in the middle of a neighborhood. We played and had a ball. It is just a little park, but Hallie thought it was great having it all to herself! (to the right of the teeter-toters is a little merry-go-round, that is where we spent most of our time!-- it was a first for Hallie)

Today, Friday, we had a busy day! First stop was to the neighbor's house. They have 3 little puppies Hallie loves! (Reese isn't too sure about them!)

Then we were off to Niabi Zoo. We took time to stop and smell the "daisies" and ride the train, and then we were off to the goats! Hallie stayed at the petting zoo area for about an hour, then we went and did a couple things and right back we went. (for almost another hour!) She loved the little baby goats.

We also took a ride on the carousel.

When we got home Hallie was TIRED! (yes, these are the stairs!!)
We had a fun week!! This weekend I am going to be working (yes, I said it... working) at Scrapaganza on Saturday. We are going to a parade on Sunday and hopefully being lazy on Monday! Have a fun weekend everyone!! :)

3 friends had to say...:

Tricia said...

Looks like those baby goats "tuckered" out our little redhead! Glad that all of you are making friends in Illinois.

The Lansinks said...

Looks like fun! Love the park you found---love the spray painted primary colors!

Kim Garner said...

Hey are those puppies for sale? They are so cute! I would love to know if we could get one for our little family...let me know..