Saturday, April 26, 2008

A night at the circus...

Last night... VERY last minute we decided to go to the circus. It was just a small circus at the Mississippi Valley Fair Grounds. When we got there and walked into the BINGO Hall I have to admit I was a little worried! There were only three rows of seating on three sides of the one ring. Hmmmm.... what did I get us into? :)

First, before the show was horse rides. (pictures aren't great... but it was another $4.00 each to take a picture with the horses, so I just stayed in our seats and zoomed in!) Hallie and Reese had a great time. We ate cotton candy and waited for the show to begin. (still holding my breath)

The circus kicked off with Tigers & Lions. My two animals lovers were in awe. In fact, this was Reese's face everytime I looked over.

Here is Nemo the camel. (Hallie asked me to include this)

As we watched the acrobat girl Hallie leaned over to me, totally serious, and said, "I'm gonna try that when I get home!" Oh the things she says!!

At intermission they were doing elephant rides. Since Reese was a little unsure of the horses we didn't try the elephant, so Hallie went alone. She was in heaven!!! She loved it! (again, sorry for the bad pictures, but wasn't going to pay more $$$)

Here's the SHORT video of her. Could her smile be any bigger??

After the circus you could go feed the elephants circus peanuts. Again, photo of Hallie in heaven! (and me unshowered and everything... just ignore that! Last minute, remember??)

We had a very fun family night out!! The circus panned out to be a good one! Over 2 hours long! Jugglers, dog show, magicians, clowns, trampoline people, and much more.

4 friends had to say...:

Jessica said...

Oh what fun!

That elephant trunk looks abnormally long. Weird. ;-)

They look like they were enthralled!

I just love a night at the circus!

Carmel said...

Thank you for sharing the circus photos. Looks like it was great fun. (I didn't look at the other post ;-)

Hamann Family Blog said...

Sounds like a GREAT time was had by all!!! Your girls are so expressive and so cute!!! What lucky girls to get to go to the circus!!! Glad you had fun!!! :)

Jodi Lansink said...

We love the circus too! Our favorite was the acrobats---so cool!! What a fun family night out!!!