Thursday, July 24, 2008

Excuses, Excuses... but.....

I know I slacked on my blog this week, BUT... This week has been FULL of "adventure"!! This time with a little twist! Here's how it started:
Sunday we had another open house. While Ryan was runnin' the show my mom and I took the girls on the water taxi for a ride on the Mississippi. We got off at the Davenport stop for a little bit. Reese was cracking us up playing "follow the sister"!! It was a fun afternoon activity.

Monday... we were awaken at 6am by tornado sirens. Ryan and I got the girls and headed back to the crawl space. As we were making our way down the power went out. Ya know, you think it will come right back, but it didn't!!! It stayed out! Little did we know outside of our house was a HUGE storm with 95 mph winds! Luckily we don't have any large trees, so our only damage was the flag getting ripped off the side of the house (screws and all!)

So, Monday we tried to stay out of the house. First, Hallie had Vacation Bible School. Then we all met for lunch and a little play time at Chuck E Cheese.

As we headed home at 4ish I was SURE the power would be back on.... nope! Hallie had her preschool orientation, so she is all ready to go now!! {and getting very excited!}

Tuesday came... Mom flew back out of the mess to California. (the airport was running off generators) Reese and I took Hallie to VBS and headed back home to throw out all of the food left in the fridge and freezer. After picking up Hallie we headed to play at Becky and Levi's all day! GUESS WHAT?!?!? At about 7:30pm our neighbors called to tell us the power was back on and running!!! YIPEE!!!!!

That brings us to Wednesday... most of the city still was without power. {Guess no Jimmy John's today!!-- the picture below is from their parking lot!} Ryan came home in time for me to go take a class from Lance, owner of Rusty Pickle at Scrapaganza. Fun time as always!

Then Ryan and the girls met us at the ball park for Hallie's T-ball pictures. They were so excited to see the Raccoon come out to join in with them!

Thursday (gosh, see how busy the week was?!?!?)
This was house cleaning day!! We got groceries, did all the laundry from the week, and got the house back in pre-storm order! So that was that!! Now I will keep up through our fun filled weekend!!

5 friends had to say...:

Sara said...

What a busy week and to have no electricity on top of that? Glad to hear that you are all okay and not much damage to your house.

Hamann Family Blog said...

YIKES!!!!! Looks like an awful storm! Luckily you guys just lost the flag!!! Looks like a busy/fun week for everyone!!! Hope the open house went well!!!! :)

Inirus said...

Hallie's "team" pics look great. How exciting to have them taken at the "big" baseball field.

Jodi Lansink said...

Wow---that would so stink to have the electricity out for that long!!! Great pics----Reese is doing a Malia face in the first picture!!! HEHE I think her hair is getting long enough for some piggies?!?! LOL

Great pics----Hallie looks like a great little ball player in her team picture!!! (Is that her "boyfriend" she is leaning on?!?!?!) HEHE

jess said...

Your is flags gone? How will I know which Tan house is yours?????