Monday, July 28, 2008


As I posted earlier... Hallie just finished Vacation Bible School this week. She really had a great time! (and thought she was pretty hot stuff 'cause she got to go to school EVERY day!!-- I'll show her this blog entry in High School when she dreads going to school!!) To celebrate their fun week they performed two songs during church service this Sunday and had a lunch and ice cream social. **Proud mommy moment: all the teachers and "Mr. Science" stopped by our table to tell us what a big helper she was and how much they enjoyed her** Ya know, you send your kids off and HOPE they are being good, but it is reassuring to hear it! :)
Here's a video... we didn't have the best seats, but she loved these songs. (I had to laugh when her friend Laurel isn't doing the "right" thing at the end of the song!! hehehe) and of course, you will hear Reese cheering for "ya-ya"!

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Marion said...

I had to laugh when you said "you send your kids off and hope they're being good..." My oldest one was so naughty that I quit wearing a name tag to PTA after the first time, I never knew that parent - teacher conferences could be pleasant until my second one was in school! They were all taught the same things, but like the 7 gypsies sticker says "parenting results may vary." My other three were never a problem to anyone. You are lucky!

tricia said...

Great job, Hallie! The smiles say it all!!

Inirus said...

Hi Hallie, I love your outfit, the Hawaiian theme works this time of year. You are a great entertainer. Love to watch the video. Glad to hear that Reese could get in on the action as well. Thanks Candi for the post.