Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hangin' with the Garners

We have been very busy the past two days "catching up" with our old friends the Garners! We haven't gotten to hang out with them much this summer... due to conflicting schedules. Yesterday was just a bum day at Kim's. {shhhhh, we didn't even shower!!} We just hung out and scrapped and the kids... well, they were kids! They played and played and ended the afternoon with a mud and water "fight".

Today, we met them at the movie theater for Bookworm Wednesday. The kids turn in a bookreport form and get into the movie for free. Today's movie was "Everyone's Hero". It is a cute little movie about a talking baseball and Babe Ruth's bat. After was a quick stop at Sonic and off to Splash Landing we went!! The kids had a great time! I was a little worried about it being so crowded... but it really didn't seem too busy. Hallie, Ella and Reese loved the pirate ship slide and the shallow water. Sydnee and Christian were off for bigger slides and diving boards.

We sure hope we can keep getting together... we all had a BLAST!

2 friends had to say...:

Kim said...

It was such a fun day...and just one question...if I am gone all day, why is my house a mess????

Yesterday was fun too! Come over anytime! Next time hopefully we will have some frogs for Hallie...

Hamann Family Blog said...

looks like a fun time!! :)