Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So losing track of days...

I was going to say something like Day 2 or 3 or whatever... but I am totally losing track of what day it is. All I know is I am BIG TIME homesick!! I miss my family soooo much! Don't get me wrong... we are having a great time and I am exposed to amazing people and products... but this mommy needs to get home for some hugs!!

As requested here are my layouts for our booth. Keep in mind 6 layouts, FAST! They are really simple, but I like them!

Another day, another outfit, another picture :) How cute is her bracelet and shoes?? I need to go shopping with her!!

We stopped off at Ranger to visit Tim Holtz... which let me tell you... I CAN NOT WAIT TO GET HIS NEW STUFF!!! Lynn, remember what we have been looking for in the junk store??.... he's got them!! WATCH PARTS!!!!!!!!!! They are so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of his new metal is way cool! Here are just a few pictures! Look for me teaching a necklace class soon!! I love them!! (oh, and of course... new mini Grunge boards!)

Of course we have been frequenting the Glitz Girls at Glitz Designs!! They are so nice & the product is too cute!! (one of my favorites as you know!) You have to see their new stuff!!! Here she is with the new rub-ons!! HUGE!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to get this line in!

So this was just the beginning of our day... we went to Sprinkles (Oprah's favorite), the beach, Two Peas ice cream social, and dinner with Sistv... But I am soooooooooo tired I will have to post those pics and today's pics tomorrow.

7 friends had to say...:

Kim said...

Love the IDOL page, and the text page! Love actually all of them...they look awesome...love your outfit with Heidi...love the WATCH parts.....and the sign in the sand - aaaaahhhh so cute with your footprint

Marion said...

Thanks for showing your LOs! They are great! Love all the pics of you and Heidi...what does she do when she sees you coming? I love all the previews! sign me up for your jewelry class! I hope that means that Scrapaganza well be getting all this stuff in!?! I want Heidi's chandelier crystals!!! See you soon.

Jodi Lansink said...

More Heidi?!?! So is she your new best friend yet...or does she think 'Oh no, here comes that crazy girl again!?!?!?!' JUST KIDDING!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Love the Miss you in the sand....what a great scrapbook pic!!!

Lynn said...


Get home and show us all your cool stuff.... photos, stories about who you met... tick, tick, tick... we're waiting.

Can I pick you up at the airport??


Ryan said...

We miss you the more mostest!!!!

Hallie - hallie says, "hdysfcndjdjsfdgterershsa desewqmfadavchcdhcvvkvc , ccxhjchcbc kghkodbchhcchccccxhjzxsdherebhdscsgx csx." XOXOXO

Reese says, "Ditto".

Kim said...

pick me, pick me! I want to pick you up from the airport...oh yeah it is v-day...I am sure Ryan wants to pick you up...I am still waiting from a Wed. blog post and it is 11 pm here....and you were also calling me back...and I haven't heard from you...still waiting
Hey did you paint, stamp all those flowers on your background paper???
lub ya
are ya sure you don't need me to pick you up????

Ashleigh Dillin said...

Love the LO's! Greta job when u were under so much pressure :)